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October 16, 2013


Oreos are as addictive as cocaine

(Thanks to Jon Harris and JD)


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Next Stop chocolate milk! Then what?

Thith muched be chooped. (don't talk with your mouth full)

I wonder if there's a problem with Oreos being stepped on

Shouldn't that that cocaine is as addictive as Oreos?

Amma Oreo Addict.

I see an Ig Nobel award coming up. People like high fat and sugar foods? Well, duh.

Great. Science (or the appearance thereof) done by college students who are probably addicted to both drugs and Oreos. Hint: The rats are now in withdrawal, but the students are doing OK.

Who here likes to take them apart to get the good filling, first?
Pfft. Amateurs. I've stood in front of a trough ten feet long and about 2 deep filled with that stuff.
And me without a spoon.

That's why I only eat Hydrox - the methadone of sandwich cookies.

Oreos? Not a big fan, actually. Mother's Taffy cookies? It's safest not to even let me know they're in the house.

I'm not a fan of Oreos either. Not enough chocolate.

I actually haven't had them for years. Addictive? Really?

That must make Thin Mints the equivalent of crack.


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