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October 15, 2013


A major archaeological dig in Wiltshire has unearthed evidence of frogs legs being eaten in Britain, 8,000 years before France, it has been claimed.

(Thanks to Howard from Broward)


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Eureaka! he croaked...

Next, you'll tell me there is ancient French evidence of spotted dick.

Sure. And the Japanese invented pizza.

Worse, the frog legs were found under a large pile of petrified snail shells.

Padraig, the shells had ample reason to be scared.

I see the humor in the article and the comments, but what's even funnier is the thought that it probably DOES really chap the French.

It was probably some French tourists eating a picnic lunch. When asked, "What are you doing in England?", they certainly replied, "Mind your own business." followed by raspberries and a good taunting.

"I croak in your general direction..."

What's next? Boffins going to claim that pasta wasn't invented in Italy?

did you hear about the frog who traced his family history to Warsaw?

he was a tad Polish.

SNORK@ ligirl!

Juliette, what's the reaction in your community? Seems like fightin' words to me.

I tried frog legs once. Didn't care for them.
Made me jumpy.

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