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October 03, 2013


Roundup underway after up to 500 mink escape from Abbotsford farm

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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It's always wonderful when the PETA crowd releases a bunch of domesticated animals into the wild where they can enjoy a free natural life for anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 days by which time they've all been run over by cars, eaten by predators, or starved. Really heartwarming.

We hang out in Port Clinton, Ohio in the summer quite a bit. Our boat is docked near there. We were out on a pier and were greeted by a pair of black mink that lived down in the rocks. Cute as can be and bold as hell. We were surprised to find out that mink live in the wild in this area and all over the US. Not funny but maybe interesting ?

Do they taste like chicken?

Please note that I am NOT making fun of the town of Chilliwack. Thank you.

It's the end for every chicken in the area and probably half the cats and small dogs, as well as a lot of small predators and prey. Then most of the mink will die in the cold. PETA needs to stick with getting chickens the right to vote and leave minks alone.

are de mink run away or are de mink stole ?

Sometimes I'm not sure if PETA really is trying to help animals. They seem a lot more interested in doing something weird and wacky.

Who said it was PETA that did this?

You're right. It was probably the Republicans. Or squirrels.

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