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October 16, 2013


Florida man sets self on fire while setting up cross-burning Halloween decoration

Incredibly, etc.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Jesus got him right away, it seems.

I realize we're talking Florida here, but even so, setting a cross on fire in your front yard might not strike everyone as funny.

Alcohol is always involved. Librrals should try ban.. ohh yeah, they already tried that once....

He was lighting a cross as a "joke" on his own lawn?


I've never been sure...can it be poetic justice even if there are no rhyming words involved?

Boring. Swedish exchange students do this all the time.

Too much vodkkka.

I wonder if he was practicing for his run on the Gavle Goat. Winter is coming.

Seems like karma.

ScottMGS: As an Official Goatwatcher, why blame the poor, defenseless goat?

(And let's hope Gavie lasts longer than last year!)

PB, I think the Ghosts of Gavle Goats Burnt have put this potential attacker out of commission.

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