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October 03, 2013


Indian Jack Bauer to hit screens in remake of '24'

(Thanks to Andy the TropicHunt.com Guy)


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Will he threaten to drip curry into his captives' eyes to get them to talk?

i am 'sam
sham' i am

"And with the quality of shows on Indian TV today I felt the timing could not be better,” he said.

That bad, huh?

If he's not going to have time to stop for a big dance number I hope at least he gets a pee break.

Please to be putting down the bomb.

I am already feeling very sad for when tubby but loveable Eeshwar dies of the poison gas.


Will Marwan and Edgar be in the dance finale?

Can't wait for the subtitled English version. But who will play Chloe and will she work in a tech support call centre? Will Kim be chased by a tiger instead of a cougar? Will the Prime Minister in waiting also sell Allstate Insurance on the side? Enquiring minds want to know.


All the men will be named Brian and all the women Jane.

"... ruling out any of the lavish song-and-dance routines for which Bollywood is famous."

Well, that's not going to work, is it? Besides, Rafael already did this.

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