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October 04, 2013


Air Force Academy faces toilet paper shortage from government shutdown

(Thanks to Chuck Cody and Claire Martin)


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Isn't that what the upper classmen use the Doolies for?

Military discipline. You have to hold it until November 2014.

They can use leaves....just not the ones in clumps of three.

Can't the government just print more money and use that?

Do they have any old Sears catalogs?

And here there's a drive to go to paperless schools. Yea, try to use a tablet.

Use the New York Times editorial page.

People in Venezuela are laughing.

Send them Congress's supply.
There so full of s#it over there, you know they never get rid of any.

Aim High!

Nothing can stop the U.S. Air Force! Although they may be a little unpleasant to be around for awhile.

Bombs away...

Someone is on a roll?

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