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October 18, 2013


Phallic-shaped bush in Windsor park work of vandals


(Thanks to The Perts and Unholy Slacker)


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Naughty Canadians.

And who says the Canadians have no sense of humor, eh?

They're upset about a little topiary, but they don't care about the obscenity across the river?

::snork:: at Omni.

So appropriate that it's growing out of a bush.

looks like an edward scissorhand job

Is that what they refer to as a Mountie?

When your skyline borders on Detroit, you have to do something to class up the joint

"Bring me a shrubbery"

Staff trimmed the bush

That usually makes it look bigger.

Here's a video report from the CBC: http://detroit.curbed.com/archives/2013/10/a-leafy-penis-briefly-presided-over-the-canadian-riverfront.php

Leaf that penis alone!

A bush giving the bird is worth two in the hand?

Was it Bush 41 or GW?

And here's a different take on the outcome: "A work crew was dispatched immediately to circumcise it."

snork at Ralph!

Cialis @ werk ... a demonstration of ecstasy efficacy ... eh?

OOOOH Canada!

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