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October 14, 2013


We need to cut down on the fries.


(Thanks to juliette leroux, who says "I didn't realize French men had such pointy noses.")


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That doesn't look ANYTHING like me!

I must represent an outlier. I eat the way the story claims the French do, and I actually look worse than that. At least I don't have chronic bed hair like all these guys.

Ah, if only I could have bed hair again.

Yeah? But look who's got the biggest waist? We do! Go USA!

So, the average American man is Jimmy Kimmel?

I am a total outlier, it seems. I cannot gain weight at all.

Package size seems fairly consistent worldwide.

NTTIAWWT, but four guys, including one from Scandanavia, standing single file in their underwear...

I like the word "outlier". For one thing, you can use it to explain any aberration in your data, and for another, it makes me think of John Wayne:

"Listen up, Pilgrim, I can out lie any man in the room"

The average American male apparently has some sort of skin disorder, too. Happily, I'm an outlier on that score!

If you're ever feeling fat, just stand next to someone fatter. They should have put Mexico on this graph, since they've just taken the honors of being the fattest country on average. See, now the USA isn't so fat! ;)
(Also, there are a few islands in the Pacific Ocean that have even fatter averages).
So yeah, just stand next to someone fatter.

They would all look better in kilts.

And serapes. Or hazmat suits.

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