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October 17, 2013


Air India said Tuesday an investigation was underway after a passenger found worms in his sandwich mid-flight.

...The loss-making airline has been hit by a string of issues, including over safety. In May, a flight to Bangalore was diverted to another city after the pilot returned from a toilet break and found the door to the cockpit jammed shut.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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I've flown Air India once. One of the best thongs about retirement is that I won't have to do that again.

Things, not thongs. I don't have to wear thongs, either, now that I think of it.

If the pilot couldn't get into the cockpit, how did they divert the Bangalore flight? And if he could, why divert it? Mysterious....

CAAC in China had a similar problem with the cockpit door that was rectified with a fire extinguisher.

Were they the same folks who had a body panel fall off the jet and no one noticed?

If a bus isn't available, I'll just walk.

A bus? Mmm... maybe, maybe not.

Spiny, the Brits just refused to give their subject commonwealths a double decker bus. Well, India showed them!

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