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October 21, 2013


Twenty-one people in Ohio were set on fire for 32 seconds to set a Guinness World Record and raise money for charity, organizers said.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Burning up with goodwill!

I can't imagine wanting to do that.

Thank you for not smoking.

Match dot com?

Were they all singing Beyonce's "Woman on Fire"?

Must have been a really HOT charity...

Cleveland Rocks Burns?

OK, thanks Congressman, for helping us to set this new record.
Um, we do have the fire extinguisher, don't we?
Well, good enough for government work.

By the shores of the Cuyahoga
By the burning river waters
Flamed the charity volunteers
For all of 32 seconds.....

Au contraire fm, I hear Pointer Sisters "Fire".

No, no... It was Bruce Springsteen's, "I'm on Fire."

Now Playing: Billy Joel's "We didn't start the fire".
Seriously, it's on my local radio station!

Arthur Brown's "I Am The God Of Hell Fire"

I hear Bananarama -

I'm your Venus, I'm your fire.

This doesn't count, they were wearing fireproof suits!

Bonfire of the Buffoons.

OK, 10 mins after I read this, Pointer Sisters "Fire" on my Pandora. Seriously. Pirateboy, it happened to me, too.

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