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October 15, 2013


Squirrels go nuts for First Lady’s garden in shutdown

(Thanks to Amother Ralph, Jeffrey Brown, Jay Brandes and Ranald Adams)


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“Yellow and brown leaves now remain on crops throughout the garden, including on the potted dwarf papaya tree that sits on one side, now boasting five big green papayas."

Slander! The dwarf papaya trees I have known have always been modest, never boastful.

I am shattered, I was under the impression that Mrs. Obama tended this garden on her own. What other truths from the Whitehouse must I now question?

The phone rings in the middle of the night
oBama yells, 'when you gonna get that vote right' ?!
Ohbama PLEASE you know you're still number one
But squirls they wanna have fun
Oh squirls, just wanna have fun

Secret Service snipers still have to stay in practice, don't they? Problem solved.

The squirrels have fun
when the photo op is done.

I thought the headline said, "Squirrels go after First Lady's Nuts"...

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