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October 24, 2013


Mysterious hum keeping people up all night ‘could be mating fish’

(Thanks to coscolo)


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Hum along with them.
You might get lucky.

> Maria Dennett...said: “We regularly experience a humming noise at night."

Maybe it's not the fish after all.... And Phish really should have been Sonic Phish.

Fish hummers...? What a concept.

Maybe they don't know the words, just the tune?

"Probably Bonefish". Cmon Dave, we expect sophisticated quips on this blog. "Probably Blowfish" would have been much more artsy.

Ledud + Dave -

Your knowledge of fishes just couldn't be greater
Clearly it shows that you're both masterbait . . . um, quippers

Quippered herring?

Could this be the mythical 'dynamo hum,' of which Frank sang?

Horny fish get crabs. That's why there are no jellyfish.

So, the fish are getting hummers?

'Midshipman* fish let out a deep, resonating drone"

i dunno, layzeeboy, but it sounds like there's an awful lot of Seamen*

So they groan BEFORE sex?

You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish?

Now playing: Vince Gil.

Midshipman fish? Send them to Annapolis!

Cheese - (if you're still around) she needs a little discipline.

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