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October 05, 2013


"We uncovered that there was a tradition when this retreat happens that people are receiving what they call swirlies, at the camp," Greendale High School Principal Steve Lodes said. "I would assume it's some level of someone's head being flushed in a toilet."

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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That's an idea - give Awwwdrey a swirlie, only don't let her up.

Well, it ain't Dairy Queen, Mr. Doofus.

Where did Principal Steve Lodes spend HIS high school years? In a monastery? Actually, I'm not sure novice monks would be safe from older monk trainees. Maybe that's why they wore those bald-on-top haircuts?

Many, if not most groups, have some sort of initiation ceremony to mark that transition from "stranger" to "friend".
The church has baptism.
Apparently, this group does, too.

If that's the worst the little nippers are doing to each other, rejoice. I mean, they could be chewing their toast into gun shapes.

Or sticking their guns in toasters.

Is it my imagination, or is the bloke givin' us the
you know, the, well the finger?

Pro Tip: Never hire anyone named Pipp.

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