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October 21, 2013


As parliamentary polls get under way in the Czech Republic this week, artist David Cerny has floated a huge purple statue of an extended middle finger down the River Vltava in Prague.


(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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It would be a real shame if this somehow ended up on the part of the Potomac River that goes through Washington D.C.

sure looks like the Washington monument

The Vltvava Finger.

I think this is something most segments of the US can get behind. Send it to Washington!

It may be time for a World Tour.

Get behind? I want DC to sit and rotate. Anybody wants to build one, I'll personally drag it out to the river and launch it for them.

Badfinger redux. If you want it, here it is, come and get it.

I'm slightly sad that there isn't a giant inflate rubber duck in the river behind it.

I'd be a bit careful about sending it up the Patomac. The last time a gesture of defiance threatened to do that, it didn't end well for its backers.

Pirateboy, according to the PGH Post Gazette, about the ducky: "Contractually, it can't go anywhere else until January." So it's a couple of months before we would get to see that.

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