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October 24, 2013


Man drives up Utah Capitol steps, troopers punch him

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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I understand Stallone is going to use this method to climb the steps in the next Rocky.

While there, designate him as our nation's best and brightest and assign him duties which include fixing the Obamacare website. He will do just fine.

And it being Utah, he can't even claim to have been intoxicated.

He's driving the stairway to Heaven?

I don't know how things are in SLC now, but if it was anything like it was the last time I was there his lawyer could argue that that with all the pot-holes the driver had no way of knowing he wasn't driving on a road.

Oh yeah, he could be drunk. The State liquor store isnt far away.

Not to mention the drive thru liquor stores in Evanston, just over the WY border. With his driving technique, no problem with that!

He's lucky they didn't shoot him.

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