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October 11, 2013


Tanning mom makes her porn debut

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Is "hard-off" a word?

No. Hell no.

I'd say they probably had to triple the viagra dosage for the male "actor". That and a blindfold.

That'll shrink your willy faster than a cold morning.

WVplantman, I don't think there is enough Viagra in the world for this one. Her children must be so proud of her.

Remember she lives in Nutley. It could explain a lot.
(Has anyone checked the water or air there recently?)



Surprised she has any kids. Must have been drunk...

Sad doesn't begin to cover it.

She and Octomom know the truth: it's never too late to develop a sideline to your primary delusional behavior

Proof of Internet Rule 34.

This is what brown can do for you? FedEx all the way.

Someone pass me the mind bleach now.

Must have been like making out with a giant deflated football.

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