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October 02, 2013


The male vagina is a more accurate term than prostatic utricle.

(Thanks to Alberto Mengoni)


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Prostatic uncle? Did I read that right?

the correct term is not 'hoo-ha', butt 'he-ha'

sorry ligirl, its MALE hoo-hah.

Are we talking about Justin Bieber again?

mudstuffin -

male vagina? sum ting wong!
hoo-ha, hoo-ha
. . .

The terms penis and vagina come from the latin words for sword and sheath, respectively.

Of course, prostatic utricle can be rearranged to form....

Protrusile tactic

oneblankspace, so "schwing!" must be from a latin word as well?

Schwang is definitely Greek.

Or is it a he-gina?

I saw Prostatic Utricle open for Uriah Heep.

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