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October 16, 2013


Boulder County homeowner haunted by mysterious concrete block

(Thanks to Claire Martin and Eric Owens)


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I'm thinking that Scully and Mulder should investigate.

Who keeps appliances in their crawlspace?

What kind of person doesn't take a picture of something like that in this day and age? I don't believe him. "Photo or it didn't happen," as some Facebookers say.

NMUA: Furnace and water heater, probably.

What force in the universe could move a concrete block ? Superman ? The HulK ? A flood you Nimrod ?

Boulder? Man, it could have been anybody. Probably some pot-toting, gun-smoking ... wait. Tote-bagging, smoke-potting, tea sipping, blue-blooded, red state ... no, no. Gun-bagging, shrub-hugging ... Aw, jeez, Colorado! Will you guys just pick a stereotype and stick with it? You're confusing the rest of us.

Captain -- makes more sense than the juicer and dehydrator.

At last, a concrete example of a haunting!

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