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October 05, 2013


This thing.

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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The coolest chainsaw conversion, evah. I want one to chase the neighborhood cats.

What a peaceful sound, like raindrops and birds.

Hmm, I thought the Terminator movies were science fiction but it's seeming more and more likely that they are actually documentaries that fell through a time warp from the near future.

You know that nightmare where something's chasing you and it WILL NOT STOP and you can fly to get away but you cannot gain enough altitude to get away and it WILL NOT STOP while you try to pull your feet in to be out of range?
Congratulations. It has a new star.

Oh my lord, I want one! Talk about the ultimate get-off-my-lawn appliance! And when the neighbor's damn mowing service cranks up their riding mowers, I could just start driving this thing up and down the lot line. You could send one out ahead of your car to clear the pedestrians and bicyclists out of the way ... fantastic!

The GOP's first prototype of Doc Brown's DeLorean?

It goes backwards for a while, then gallops aimlessly off in search of ...riders. Or cats and dogs.

I'd pay to see Dr. Phil "ride" it...

Odd -- I can't turn on the sound?!

Saddle it up! Some jackass is going to want to ride it.

I do not care of the missus wraps it or puts it in a hefty bag tied with a red ribbon, but this better be under the Christmas tree. With a case of beer. And two cases of 12 gauge shells.

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