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October 02, 2013


Some Lady Is Cranking Out Dinosaur Romance Novels

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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looks more like Triceratopless pornosauras

And I thought I had some crazy ideas for stories! I looked up some of her stuff on Amazon. The longest 'novel' listed only has 36 pages plus she also has a co-author, Alara Branwen. I sure hope these aren't Dave and Ridley's new pen names.

Your #ss ic Park...?

Eww. I would never have clicked the link if I seriously thought it was about some weird woman wanting to mate with building sized, walnut brained, animals.

I need to scrub my brain before I start imagining the text.

"building sized, walnut brained, animals."
It's about college football?

Dave wrote a book?

Don't get me started. I used to beat up pornographers by parodizing them to death. I cold do these books better than she could. My T. Rex would be into bondage and have a very small er, pachycephalosaur.

"Eat me T Rex, eat me."


"John," she said as she pulled her scaled snout from the delightful carcass of a three-day dead triceratops, "I'm fertile."

"Gnormph!" He retorted, choking down a huge gobbet of meat, "Seriously? The Millers are due over in an hour for Spades!"

" I don't care! I want you to hold me in your tiny tyrannosaur arms and take me right now!"

Is there any money in this, Dave? Because I could totally see this blog writing Naked Came The Dinosaur.

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