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October 03, 2013


Idaho man charged with firing gun at crop duster

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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"Flying thing scare Chris. Chris get boomstick and shootum up. Flying thing go away, Chris happy."

wi tu lo in idaho

The crop dusting company said it would not seek to press charges but it was looking into new aircraft.

Was it Cary Grant? Because if so I'm with him.

And get off my lawn!

Good thing this guy doesn't live next to the airport.
They fly so low there, they're practically on the ground.

It was all due to the confusion of the question he was asked: "Which doughnut do you want?"

His answer?

"De Plane!"

He's getting in a little drone practice

jeff meyerson: north by northwest is one of my all time favorites

Crop dusters are supposed to fly low. D'oh.

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