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October 16, 2013


DeLAND, Fla. - Winn Dixie is fighting to stop a strip club from becoming its new next door neighbor at its North DeLand location.

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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If that happened at the convenience store, we'd open up a special accessories section with really high markups.

We'd probably charge to get singles as change, too.

"Clean up on aisle sex. Six! I mean six!"

Fight fire with fire. The store should sell concealled plastic whiskey flasks (to evade metal detectors). And booze of course.

Or have topless greeters. Let the silent hand of the market ... Hmmm, that doesn't sound right, does it?

The proverbial Winn win situation?

Would give Dad something to do while Mom shops.

Which will have the cheaper melons? Which are fresher?

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