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October 18, 2013


Teacher fired for allegedly giving minors alcohol, condoms

(Thanks to Rick)


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File this under "things that never happened to me in high school."

Do these morons ever read a newspaper or watch the news? Things like this seldom turn out well.

I once told one of my daughters, "This will hurt you more than it does me. If it didn't, I wouldn't be doing it." But she knew why I was grounding her.
This lady hasn't learned the "adult" role.

She thought the kids would make a statement by putting the rubbers on the alcohol bottles...except for the one she's drinking. Yuh.

Why did all this apparently wait until I was well out of high school? The most Rabelaisian thing I remember from those years was a chemistry teacher who was known for wearing short skirts and sitting on a lab stool in front of the room. It was the only class where the guys jockeyed for a seat in the front.

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