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October 09, 2013


6:31 p.m. A slender man was seen dancing and singing to himself as he held up a large shard of mirrored glass.

(Thanks to ligirl and Jeff Meyerson, who saw Wayfaring Donkey [see link] open for Canned Heat)


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As I said when I (also) sent this in...if there was any doubt left that Twin Peaks is in Flathead County this should put that to rest.

So, was he n@kid or anything like that? Who's writing these things!?

Maybe the wayfaring donkey was going to see his mother. He was going there no more to roam.
Also, exactly how do you council someone?

The officer handling the two brothers must be an only child.

"counciling, verb, the art of tying someone up in a chair and making them listen to city council meetings..."

from the unabridged Wacky Dictionary

(just trying to be helpful..)

"A Kalispell resident reported that their neighbor was cooking meth." Did the resident have a split personality, or just two heads?

"4:28 p.m. Someone reported that a big man was driving a tiny motorcycle down the wrong lane"
Was it one of these guys?

Attention Mr. Language Person: you are needed in Kalispell, stat.

But before Mr LP goes on site, somebody should determine just which language they're speaking.

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