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October 10, 2013


Turkey Cracks Down on Cleavage

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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This could threaten Thanksgiving

I am glad that I am not from some of these countries that look at women as second class people. Nothing wrong with showing off cleavage.

Turkey cleavage?

What Bill said.

AMen, Theresa!

I saw Turkey Cleavage Cracks open for The Firm. They were heavy.

Next they will ban Twerking!!!

MeThinks these laws are passed by guys who's women lack what the laws try to suppress.

They're jealous...

Oh, begs the question, "If no breast, no cleavage to conceal?"

TurkCracken - the breaking bad Thanksgiving feast

I do like breast meat. But a turkey with actual cleavage might be off-putting.
That is what the article was about, right?

Turkey is the "rump" of the Ottoman empire? That's a strange expression, Bruce. Well, Bruce, I heard the Queen use it, 'It's hot enough to boil an Ottoman's rump in here' she said, and she smiled quietly to herself.

She's a good sheila, Bruce and not at all stuck up.

We'll duh the Capitol used to be Cantstandanipple..

Sean - very nice, indeed.

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