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October 01, 2013


Switzerland prepares to be attacked by France.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown, Loudmouth, Bill Hudgins, Allen at Division and Mag Last)


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Why do images of Peter Sellers in "The Mouse That Roared" come to mind ?

Why does, "I fart in your direction", come to mind?

The French have already surrendered.

France's military cannot leave their barracks because their white flag factory has burned down on Monday.

The US developed a plan for war against Great Britain and Canada (!) in the thirties. War Plan Red. Really. Would I kid you about a thing like that?

Te Wheke: "Would I give you a loaded pistol? Of course I would!"

Because you can never know which aggressor is after your cuckoo clocks.

The Swiss Army is well-equpped for attack with bizarre, antiquated, comic-opera uniforms and little red pocket knives, whilst as a defensive move the French are mounting the 'Street Cafe Putch', which consists of legions of snappily-dressed French citizens lounging around at little wrought-iron tables armed with clove cigarettes and lethal glasses of Pernod. The War To End All Wars...

I assume that "prepar[ing] to be attacked by France" mostly consists of building PoW camps and fast trains to return the soldiers back home when the war has finished (ie, that afternoon).

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