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October 07, 2013


On a king-size bed in the middle of the largest showroom, a little boy wakes from a nap next to his (also sleeping) grandmother. When the old woman casually helps the boy urinate into an empty water bottle, dripping liquid liberally on the grey mattress under his feet, most passers-by seem not to mind or even notice. The exception is a young woman who elbows her disinterested boyfriend: "Look, he's peeing into a bottle!"

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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Performance art?

Daily life?


Ok, I did. Like the "...recreational approach to consumption." component.

*wonders how this could apply, say, to buying a car*

I have a love-hate relationship with Ikea. My favorite kitchen utensils include a set of Ikea's hemispherical stainless steel bowls. If I want to buy, say, a ream of copy paper from Office Depot, or a screwdriver from Lowe's, I can just pop in, make my purchase, and leave. If I want another bowl from Ikea, I have to walk all through their store like a rat in a maze. Even with their so-called shortcuts It's a chore. I'm just going to stay with the one large bowl for now.

"Please Mrs. O'Bannion, can you tell me, what's a 'specimen'?

Piss in a bottle.

Sh*t in your hat!, says I, and the battle was on!"

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