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October 14, 2013


93-year-old Ore. man crashes into 2 homes, says he will still drive

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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That's the first time he had an accident that was his fault?

How many others has he had that were someone else's?

That's the spirit!

My Uncle was the police/security for that community at one point. Mostly he would deal with loud noise complaints from people turning up their TVs too loud.

I suspect that he would not be surprised in the slightest that someone created an new carport.

My mother voluntarily gave up her license and driving when she became legally blind. You might say, "Well, yeah!"
But not the driver's license people in Kentucky, who assured her that being blind was no reason to give up.
She told them that they were nice, but nuts.

Nah, Florida drivers never get going fast enough to go through a house. Around here, getting within 10 mph of the speed limit apparently invites lightning strikes or something. And it's not just the geezers, it's everybody.

Three more and he'll make Ace.

Be old. Be bold. Drive a Chevy. Right through a house.

"He said he is in good health and is even a retired professional driver."

Professional driver on a closed course?

I worked in a corner pharmacy as a teenager (in Florida, of course). We had an elderly couple as regular customers. He couldn't drive anymore because of Parkinsons. She was practically blind. But she would drive and he would tell her when to turn or stop. Seemed to work for them.

Hey this is how we roll in OreeeGun.
Don't think you are safe sitting in your house. We still got wild bear and natives that might not care for your lazy self. Oh and BTW our football Ducks are waiting on them Alabama
lads for the National Title.

93 and still a home wrecker. That's an aspiration.

Billb --
Just remember that the "C" in BCS is silent. Duck fans don't drink enough or go to enough stripper bars to get the invite.

Beaver fans, on the other hand...

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