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October 04, 2013


Two penises engraved on a 2,000 year old stone may shed light on the foundation of the city of Aosta in northern Italy, revealing its deep connection with the Roman emperor Augustus.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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I saw Engraved Phallus warming up for the Buzzcocks at CBGB's back in '87. Helluva show.

I saw them open for Buffalo Springfield.

"deep connection" Har!

So, it was founded by Bigus Dickus?

Never considered using these as markers.

They blew (ha!) the four-hour warning all to pieces.

What about those phallic bollards in PA or somewhere? What do they tell us?

'two heads are better than one'

or something like that

There's usually double-dipping at Chicago City Hall, so I guess the practice originated in ancient Rome.

Well, I guess that's why he got to be Emperor, then.

What does Walter tell us?

More like the Emperor Disgustus.

Who decided these were penises?

Are those not men (or some other man-like creatures) standing on top of the "penises"?

Could they maybe be, um, boats with, um, rudders?

Someone needs to get laid. Sheesh.

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