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October 04, 2013


The Remainders' ebook is on sale. It's kind of like Moby Dick, but instead of a whale or a plot there are essays by members of the band in which we reveal intimate secrets about each other, such as who has, and who does not have, a spleen.


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You wrote a book?

Very slightly on-topic: I went to the C.F. Martin factory yesterday. "Pulled in to Nazareth." Among the items in the museum are a few guitars Roger McGuinn (a Remainder member, for some reason) collaborated with Martin on designing.

I highly recommend the experience. They have a little room with great acoustics and Martins (the guitar kind, not the little green kind) on the wall for anyone to try out.

I've read this book and loved it. If you haven't read it yet, you should.
I was a little surprised to read that a couple of the Remainders considered Dave to be the mature one in the group.

Dave is the "mature one".

Based on his blue shirt or booger jokes?

This doesn't work as intended on the standard Kindle. I know, because I bought the Kindle version first. Then I discovered the problem and had to buy a version that worked on my iPad (and that cost more). So I bought this book twice. TWICE. That means I like Dave more than anyone else. AND he should like me more than he likes you. So there.

And don't bother to say that an accidental "twice buy" doesn't count. I bought "Insane City" to read on my Kindle and then bought a hard copy to have autographed. So I really, really, REALLY like Dave more than you guys.

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