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October 08, 2013


Granddad picks up wrong kid from school

(Thanks to Poker)

Hey, they all look alike.


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I might have left my daughter behind on one occasion that she knows about. I suspect that the grandpa's carpool access will be very limited for the rest of his life.


Well, to be fair to the kid, all granddads kinda look alike too.

That's why kids should all come with barcodes.

At least she wasn't playing dodge ball or something.

Wasn't that a Simpson's episode and the decided to keep the wrong kid?

My wife and I have lost count of the little kids we've encountered in stores who have looked at me and said, "Papaw!"
I guess kids, like Papaws, all look alike.
Mistakes will happen.

I ended up following a fellow through the state fair in MN assuming he was my dad. As my father was 6' 5", and I was six and about three feet tall, I based my attachment upon the knee area. Ooops, lots of tall guys wear tan slacks.

I was eventually adopted by the prize winning cows.

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