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October 16, 2013


Study confirms spiders have varied personalities

(Thanks to Allen at Division, who says "Unless it's 'squashed,' I don't care.")


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"It might be bolder than other grass spiders, or more timid, more aggressive, or more prone to sexual cannibalism."

There's a "Like so many ..." joke in there, but it's not coming to me right now. Better go for coffee.

Good to know. SMACK!

My kids still remember Count Dracula, the small jumping spider who lived in our kitchen window one summer. He was brave, friendly, and communicative.
He'd come out every morning to "talk" to us using his front two legs to say "hello".
He would also come over and give my hand a couple of friendly taps when I'd put it up near him. No fear. And, no, he never tried to bite. Us, I mean. Gnats were definitely on the menu.

Likewise, Spiderman has a different "personality" in
every animated series he's ever been in...maybe we should call him Sybil?? Jus saying...

(I have an ex-friend who worships Spiderman, which is
more important than anything to this person)

Most spiders I encounter are not 3-dimensional long enough for me to find out about their personality.

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