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October 11, 2013


The Human-Sized Salamander That Smells Like Pepper


(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Smells like pepper, tastes like chicken.
Time for a KFC human-sized bucket meal.

And the salamander-sized humans who love them. Tonight on Fox.


At least he doesn't smell like Pooper.

Meah, we have the hellbender salamander in the Appalachians which can grow to almost 2 1/2 feet. Just as ugly as these critters and kind of scary when you come on one while wading a stream. I never smelled one though. It probably smelled me, considering my reaction on the first sighting.

I know some very large people that never matured either, so are humans and lizards related?

Waiter: Would you like some pepper on your salad, sir?
Patron: Why yes, I (looks up)... GAH!

p.s. I saw the Snot Otters open for Frank Zappa back in '86.


Kirk: "Mr. Sulu, what's for lunch?"

"Peppered Salamander Tartare, Captain."

*Sigh* "Again? We need those replicators fixed."

There is nothing worse than being pepper slimed.

Well, maybe Bud Light is worse, but not by much.

Snot Otter. Love the onomatopoeia.

The Dyson Snot Otter. Never loses suction.

Snot Otter to Flounder: "You f'ed up, you trusted us".

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