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October 08, 2013


Woman shares home with FIFTY skunks

(Thanks to Ron G. and DaninTustin)


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Most women can deal with only one at a time.

I'm guessing her "partner Kevin" ia;

1. imaginary
2. a skunk
3. blind lacking a sense of smell
4. living in the garage

She is being charged with harboring elected officials. Senator Cruz did not return phone calls or other requests for comment.

Makes scents to me!

those congresscritters cannot hide....

I bet at least one of those is a very nervous painted cat.

Bet money at least one is named "Pepe".

Curiously, there was no-one else within a two mile radius.

Her Match.com profile must be a laugh riot.

Actually, they smell a lot better than 50 goats, and can be housebroken, unlike some politicians.

50 shades of black and white?

Scent of a Woman Rodent?

The animals have a bad reputation because of their smell but what we want to do is change perceptions.

We're gonna need the 50-gallon jugs (barrels?) of Febreeze....

Aren't they related to squirrels?

The skunks, not the woman.

We're gonna need more Febreze.

Key quote: "Deborah, who lives with partner Kevin, 51, bought her first skunk in 2000 to help her through the death of her mother."

I'm thinking there are some unresolved issues there.

50 Shades of Spray

Imagine a burglar breaking in to that sight. Slllooowww exit fast.

I had one mark his territory near my open window at 3AM last week. Yow.

Reminds me my dormitory at my college.

Just to be clear (as our president would say), skunks are not rodents. Like ferrets, mink, weasels, otters and wolverines they are mustelids, family Mustelidae. They share a most recent common ancestor with ursids (bears) and pinnipends (seals and sea lions).

Given that, I bet there are no dinner parties at that house. Wow.

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