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October 01, 2013


Troop of Walruses 10,000 Strong Hauls Ashore in Alaska

Walter is with them in spirit.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Where did they haul it?

Oh, we're a troop of walruses,
Ten thousand strong and growin'
We haul ourselves out o' the sea,
A-puffin' and a-blowin'.

We're really quite extraordinaire,
We're tough as nails and leather.
We have a bone that you don't have
In the regions that are nether.

When we see a polar bear,
First we shout and bellow.
Then we stampede recklessly,
And that can hurt a fellow.

So when you're down in Florida,
It's warm - you'll be in clover.
But be careful in the Chukchi Sea,
You might just get run over.

They are the egg men...

Wasn't 10,000 Strong Natalie Merchant's first band?

We saw them open for Country Joe and the Fish.

Didn't Troop of Walruses open for Metre-Long Rat?

10,000 carpenters and millions of oysters will soon join them.

Edgar x 10,000???

P.S. that explains why Dave's Oosik is standing and vibrating.

Fleet's in !

I saw A Troop of Walruses warming up for A Flock of Seagulls back in '86. Helluva show.


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