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October 15, 2013


Florida woman stuck on drawbridge

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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Drawbridges and the Women Who Love Them: tonight on Fox.

"I'm just really stuck on him ..."

I think this version might have been sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77ZRSYHseH0

Good one, Omni. Hey, it could happen. Remember the woma who "married" the Eiffel Tower?

"...straddled like Jesus Christ"?


"Photos and video of the pink-clad woman hanging from the bridge..." Pink-clad? Sounds more like maroon to me.

Cheese -- I was wondering the same thing. I think "straddled" may have been the wrong choice of words. She did sort of look like she was nailed to the bridge.

"The Straddling of Jesus Christ" is a lesser-known event in the book of Luke. It was after The Last Supper and during The Last Game of Twister.

*quietly steps aside and waits for handbasket to arrive. *

She had just finished saving the ta-tas and now she wanted to save the choo-choo.

No need to fear the hand basket, Reverend Hammond. The event of which ye speak is found also in the book of Hallucinations, chapter four, verses 21 to 30. "And Mary Magdalene did shout unto our Lord, requiring him to shut the damn bridge, lest she perish from the land."

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