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October 18, 2013


3:02 p.m. Someone called in claiming that a suspicious tent had been set up behind the “toilet factory.”

(Thanks to The Perts and Jeff Meyerson)


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oops - just sent it in too. Sorry about that.

But doesn't it figure they have a "toilet factory" there?

'A woman in Columbia Falls reported that her lug nuts were loose'

- the 1st honest & most sensical report ever to come from flathead county

That IS suspicious, at 3 p.m. Now if it were 3 A.m., it would be more understandable.


I'm sure she has a lot of other things loose as well.

There was an American Standard plant across the river and down about a mile from my parents' house.
Everybody called it a "toilet factory" because they made (wait for it)-toilets there.

Pretty sure I saw Loose Lug Nuts open for Pink Floyd.

8:12 a.m. Someone called from Lakeside to report that their boss’ dogs had gone missing.

Wonder if this was in their job description?

"She also added that the dog had earlier attempted to trap her cat."
I wander what kind of trap did the dog use.

Oh, the usual. You know, the dog calls up, claims to be from the bank, needs to know the cat's social security number in order to free up funds, etc., etc. Lots of people get trapped that way. Cats, maybe not so often.

Must be some Nigerian dog.

9:18 a.m. A Kalispell resident reported that his neighbor pushed his way into their home and sat on the floor.
There is nothing lower than an uninvited guest sitting on the floor.

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