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October 14, 2013


Deer With Basketball Stuck In Horns Spotted In Bethel Park


(Thanks to The Amazing Steve, who says, "Bet this deer only shoots three-pointers.")


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I believe that this is his favorite tesm. or team.

Is he from Milwaukee?

I wonder if the other deer will treat him as a god ?

That will teach the other deer to not let him play in their deer games

Hunting season could go very, very badly for Spalding.

It's going to be quite a surprise when he first butts heads with another buck.

He knows how to take it to the rack

They would worship this deer in North Korea...

"How'd you get that!?"
"I dunno," said the ball, "it started as a fawn on my a$$."

Poor guy. He got cut by the Bucks, and now walks around trying to get someone into a game of 'Horse.'

"What ball? What are you talking about? I don't see a basketball. Are you guys messin' with me? Come on guys, stop!"

He's an old, retired deer. "Anybody seen my glasses? How about my basketball?"

Antlers, not horns.

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