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October 14, 2013


The presenter has told how she wants more people to source their meat not from a local supermarket or specialist butchers, but rather, from the roadside. She spoke after hosting a dinner party for friends featuring rat — fried and served with a garlic and soy sauce dip — from the B3347 near Sopley in the New Forest; fox, sautéd in garlic, from the Ferndown bypass, near Wimborne, Dorset; and badger chasseur, served with tomato sauce and croutons, picked up from the A354 near Salisbury.

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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'Eat roadkill' says new face of the RSPB...Granny Clampett.

So, this is an upgrade to what they were eating before? Whoa.

I wonder what the fox said.

I am pretty sure there are McDonalds' in London.

If you eat a road-kill corgi, you will spend a lot of time in the Tower of London.

There is exactly one person in that photo who looks like she is not currently entertaining some painful illness.
Or soon will be.

The one practicing English dentist will probably give up completely after this. And that vibration you feel is Kenneth Grahame spinning in his grave.

And somewhere, Carl Hiaasen is saying, "I thought it was fiction."

Strawberry tart?

Well ... it's got some rat in it.

Badger with tomato sauce? It's much better with a red wine reduction.

*snork* Omni

I see that Betty Crocker is doing their part for this insane worthy cause.

Do you want your “fox trots” with salmonella or E. coli?

Season well with the crunchy things living under the refrigerator.

All Creatures Great and Small, the Daft English Ate Them All?

I don't think that's what they meant by Salisbury Steak.

So if you eat a dead rat quickly, there's no chance of getting sick? Is this where the plague started?

True bangers and mash.

If your spotted dick has a Michelin tread pattern call your doctor.

Rabies and roundworm ahoy! Gotta keep Cindy employed, I suppose.

M1 roadhouse menu?

as always, the pythons were on this years ago...

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