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October 10, 2013


Azerbaijan released election results before voting had even started

(Thanks to wiredog and Omniskeptic)


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Sounds like Detroit.

Why is this a problem?

So the election was held on Wednesday but the results were released on the prior Tuesday. What a difference a day makes.

The Tea Party dream?! Uh, oh, don't give them ideas...

if your election lasts for more than 4 hrs....

Homecoming King rules apply, just like in 2008.

Invitations to join the Florida Elections Commission have been sent out.

Unfunny man,

Please take your Two-Minute Hate for the tea party elsewhere.

Oh, there's plenty more who can't stand the TP.
And, as for that election, most people do appreciate a hint about what's considered proper.

There are indeed many more who can't stand the Tea Party. Many of them work for the IRS and went to great lengths to influence the last election. Say, this is fun, adding politics to the humor blog. Should do it more often.

It's that way in Chicago, because they've already collected the votes in the cemeteries


I never discuss religion or politics online because everyone who does not agree with me is wrong. I never discuss sex online because I forgot all I used to know. I think that was a lot. Or maybe not

*Snork" Old Fat Guy.

And Ditto.

Steve, you do realize that the tea party didn't exist in 2000, right? However powerful you think they might be, they don't have the ability to change the past.

Cool it, he's obsessed with TP. Just like Weingarten.

It's so much more convenient for the press. Make the morning deadline on election day and eat donuts the rest of the time.

I believe the Tea people should be afforded the same respect and given the same treatment as minority opposition parties in other countries. Like Syria. Or Egypt. Or Greece.


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