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October 07, 2013


Wonder no more.


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I saw Snow White's Magic Crotch open for Whitesnake.

Just sayin'.

Wonders if this will set a record for comments...

Didn't Snow White's Magic Crotch open for Prince?

The Queen of Parts id down there.

Snow White's Magic Crotch opened for Queen, if I remember that concert...

I was speechless - because I laughed so much. And I like Snow White even more.

I never heard of these shows. But didn't Snow White's plan involve accepting food items from creepy old ladies and consequently dying? This plan at least makes use of the assets she actually has.

I thought the Magic Portal was on Uranus.

Isn't this what Feminists have been saying for years...?

Works for me.

That's got to be one happy rabbit.

Correction, Kibby F5, that's one Horny Rabbit!

Which is why Bugs Bunny didn't get the part--he was too tame and decent!

I saw that promo and something made me think of the White Rabbit wanting to procreate, as rabbits often do...just wonder where Dizzknee is taking us...?..

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