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October 10, 2013


Michigan janitor offers students $1 to beat up 4th-grader

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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I'd just squirt the brat with some cleaning fluid...., by accident.


That's inflation for you. 25 cents used to be enough.

He obviously wasn't hiring union kids.

I believe I can outbid her.

Its possible the janitor is a hero. Albeit cheap.

Does the school have Janitor in a Drum?

Then let her out!

Or in this case, maybe leave her in.

"Helmholdt says it's "a very rare and unique incident."

Usually, the kids are offered at least a twenty. A dollar??? Hardly worth their time.

"Helmholdt says it's "a very rare and unique incident."

The worst part of this story is yet another representative of the education system who can't use words correctly. If something is unique, then it's beyond "very rare." Mistakes like this literally make my blood boil.

The anti-Frazz.

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