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October 11, 2013


Vatican Misspells Jesus

(Thanks to Jay Brandes, The Perts and Omniskeptic)


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We're gonna need a bigger handbasket.

Uh Oh, Someone is going to hellllll.

Um, what about all that infallibility stuff?

Seems like a good tijme to post this.

I told them we needed to cut out all the Latin! btw, you really haven't lived until you've heard a bunch of us Southerners trying to speak Latin at a Catholic Mass. Kyrie eleison ya'll.

Uh oh wiredog, I'm glad I'm not you..........

That has to have a bad impact on your kharma

Lesus is actually the original Latin spelling.

I think I knew a Kyrie Ellison in Minnesota....

They were trying for IESVS but read it wrong.

Too bad they didn't misspell as "Lexus"...
the rich 1% would be clamouring to snap them up...

Help me Jeebus!

handbasket will be mighty crowded, ya'll. those benedict pics were hysterical!
(save me some room)

Da Debbil made them do it!

No one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle!

Spellcheck is possessed and should be called hellcheck.

Hunh, I thought it was "Jesvs".

Hesus is not jappy.

Kyrie eleison is Greek, not Latin

Kyrie eleison is the road that I must follow.

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