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October 24, 2013


A University of Iowa teaching assistant meant to send students answers to a set of math problems, but instead accidentally sent nude photos of herself and her boyfriend

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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And why did none of my teachers ever do this?
Oh, yeah, it was the Middle Ages and a "calculator" was called a "slide rule".

yeah, that just happens so often. duh.

69 is the answer to all problems


Yet another thing the blog guys can add to their list of "Things that never happened to me in high school".

Never happened to me in college, either. Or work. Or ever.

Now pay attention. In division, you take one and then you put one over it and ... why are you all laughing?

You say "TA", I say "T&A", lets call the whole thing off.

And the article shows us pictures of... the school. *sigh*

I wondered why "University of Iowa" was trending on Facebook this morning.

I wonder if she sent a message like "Study hard and you' get someone like this !" A great motivator.

Darn! Now I've got Music Man tunes in my head, tempting me to do some re-wording.

And furthermore, at the land grand University I attended in the midwest, where I majored in math, there were no TA's I wanted to see nude. There was one guy who I imagined wearing Viet Cong pajamas, though.

Homework: Math is hard.

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