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October 11, 2013


Land of Passion.


(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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No thanks, I have a cookie.

Curioso supongo tendra otro significado

But is it... or does it... never mind.

What were they actually selling -- a naive pig?

I found a cherry pie for the same price--at a grocer
in my area. But I'd certainly like to buy the whole v-pie for that price!

(I guess they hope customers will be "occupied" with the pie while they change your tires.)

I prefer mine with a flaky crust.

And at today's conversion rate, that's only $2.87 US. But you'd probably have to eat it there. I'm guessing customs wouldn't let you bring it back over the border.

Do they deliver to New Zealand?

Reminds me of the rearranged carpet cleaning sign. "Team Sex. Rental $30".

Something smells fishy about this deal...

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