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October 08, 2013


Why A Little Mammal Has So Much Sex That It Disintegrates

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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"He mates with as many females as he can, in violent, frenetic encounters that can each last up to 14 hours. He does little else."

Hmm, apparently I went to school with some antechinus.

Every fraternity in America suddenly has a new mascot.

So...having kids can kill you?
This is new?

The fate of the antechinus race hangs in the balance. Will little joey hold it together long enough to mate one last time and save the species?

It could sell.

"His fur falls off."

That's what causes it? But those Bosley commercials said ...

Wow, just think if humans were like that. Sex is fatal. Think what that would do to our population. So if you wanted to live males wouldn't have sex. Could they really do it?

The fur falling out is particularly biting, to me. I was once enjoying a lunch with my boss when a tall, brunette, biker-chick walked by, as she and her driver departed.

She rubbed her hand over my scant, complete-stranger head and said, "I see, you are suffering from the same disease as my husband", as she looked back over her shoulder. "Headboard Damage".

My boss basically had a stroke, whereas I gave her a look that said, "you may be right".

With a little luck, they die before the Mastercard bill for all the flowers and candy shows up.

“By the end of the mating season, physically disintegrating males may run around frantically searching for last mating opportunities,”

So, basically the spring break strategy, right?

I don't know. With parts falling off and gangrene it sounds like all male antechinus(es?) turn into zombies when the testosterone hits.

Because they can.

Notice the four authors who contributed to the study:

Fisher, Dickman, Jones & Blomberg.

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