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October 11, 2013


Otherwise Respectable Man Devours Massive Piece of Brie on Subway

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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the bries from the subway smells like dairy air

This is what is accepted as serious journalism in 2013

" Brie " is French for day-old goat diarrhea... right ?

What kind of world do we live in when you can't cut eat some stinky cheese on the subway without some bozo taking your picture and making a federal case out of it?

No, it's French for snot.

And I thought that smell was the Yankees.

Didn't Massive Piece of Brie open for Meat Loaf?

I {heart} Brie

I once watched a Medical Records Director pick up a whole piece of brie like that and slip it into her purse. This was at our hospitality suite at a national convention.

hey Omniskeptic - that sounds like a briech of trust

lgirl: Dairy air is bad, but London Dairy Air is worse.

(Sorry, band geek joke re-emerges after a 40 year hiatus)

If this guy had any naval training, he could have transferred from one train to another with a brieches bouy.

Come to think of it, Otherwise Respectable Men WBAGNF the guys on the blog.

I don't think of brie as particularly 'fragrant' -- are they sure it wasn't Limburger?

The cheese stands alone...and so should the man.

He might as well inject cholesterol directly into his heart. JEBUS.

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