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October 15, 2013


Gumby statue stolen from Saugerties lawn

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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There is probably a copyright thingie problem with the statue. Hopefully the cease-and-desist letter doesn't get in the way of recovery.

Whoever took it will wind up in the pokey.

He might be swimming in China, but we'll never be able to tell.

Dammit !

*snork* @ FredKey

i loved my gumby so much his little wires popped

^ - out of his Arms, you slobs

Pokey was more fun, as you could squish him (her?) flat with one hand. Gumby? You were lucky if you even got it to stand up on a table.

And every kid remembers how Gumby tasted. Fess up, you know you nibbled!

Pokey is really bent out of shape.


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