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October 17, 2013


The Halloween edition.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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that is a great website. hilarious.

World's WORST Transformer.

The new version goes, "The wages of sin is working for Congress."

Where would the candle go on pumpkin boy?

Nevermind, don't tell us.

Is this from a Honey Boo Boo episode? If not, it should be.


my, what a big Stem you have . . . jack-'Off -lantern ? or is that a halloweenie ? ? ?

(so sorry)

snerk at Sean in Akron!

I loved the baby in the pumpkin. His or her expression was telling. Maybe when the dogs and cats rise up against us, the babies will join in.

I like the rainbow family and the paper plate knight. If I were pumpkin man's kid, I would run away from home.

So people who like to dress up as animals are called "Furries".......people who like to dress up as veggies are, what.....squishies?

Is this Hugh Laurie's evil twin?

This man is out of his gourd.

I'd recommend that NC check his squash.

Ample evidence that adults should be banned from any involvement in Halloween.

Hoping there aren't also Easter photos.

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