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October 20, 2013


Do not attempt to leave the store.

(Thanks to coscolo)


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I thought WalMart greeters worked inside the store.

they do, Ralph - but Walmart gators work where eeeeevver they want

Y'know, last time I ran up on a wild alligator, he wasn't really very slow.
Might wanna back up a little, Tex.

In Apopka, luggage selects you.

It seems that lots of things seem to happen at Walmart. I wonder how many purses and shoes are made out of gators. Or perhaps a nice pair of boots.

He was just coming bby to see where he would end up. Let's see 6 ft gater would produce hmmm I'd say about 1 purse and 2 pair of shoes.

He suddenly realized he was not at Target. Most of the shoppers ogling him looked a little too hungry.

Mikey, you seem disturbingly apt at estimating that.


Yes, yes I do.

I think an alligator would be preferable to being inside a WalMart.

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